Monday, June 18, 2012

South Coast Strikers - Spurs' Milk Cup 2012 Opponents

The South Coast Strikers team from California are preparing for their trip to Northern Ireland to compete in both Junior and Premier tournament in July.

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Spurs and South Coast Strikers meet on Monday evening, 23rd July at Limavady in the second match of this season's Milk Cup competition which starts on the previous Saturday.  Spurs' other opponents are the local County Armagh team and Otago from New Zealand.

Spurs played the South Coast Strikers twice in last summer's tournament.  They lost the first match played at Ballymena by 1 - 2, the American team scoring a late winner after Spurs had recovered from a goal down.  This defeat in the third match of the Milk Cup 2011 denied Spurs the opportunity to play off for the top prize (1st - 4th).  Instead, both teams went into the next Group, the play-off for 5th - 8th.

In that section both teams won their next game and so met at Coleraine Showgrounds on the Friday afternoon in the play-off for 5th and 6th.  Spurs took the lead through Dominic Ball but Strikers drew level after half-time and the match went to penalties which Spurs won (4 - 2) to lift the Globe trophy.

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  1. Soocer is the game I love the most and Spurs are the team I support all the way. The penalty shootout was one of the most thrilling cup finals I have watched ever. Hope best for future!