Saturday, July 28, 2012

Latest Tottenham News on HotspurHQ

All the latest news on Tottenham can be read on the HotspurHQ blog. reports on their tour of America, the Under-17s matches at the NI Milk Cup and articles on other issues surrounding the club - Gareth Bale and TeamGb, the Luka Modric transfer saga and 'Who will be the next Captain at Spurs?'

All the stories and reports can be found on the HotspurHQ blog: here

Tottenham Tour to America - Los Angeles: here

Match Report - LA Galaxy v Tottenham: here

Tottenham Tour to America - Baltimore: here

Tottenham's NI Milk Cup 2012 Experience: here

New Captain for Tottenham: here

Gareth Bale and TeamGB Controversy: here

The Luka Modric Transfer saga Continues: here

Tribute to John White - a Tottenham 'Legend': here

Plus - Have you say on which is the best goal in the Tottenham Hotspur

#GoalIWillAlwaysRemember Poll - vote now - here

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