Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Spurs Andre Villas-Boas Appointed (HotspurHQ)

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The latest article on HotspurHQ:

World's worst kept secret - Tottenham Appoint Andre Villas-Boas as Head Coach

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  1. Anonymous12:44 am

    I am an Arse fan. I am now very happy. You just got rid of the best manager you lot have had for about, what, two generations? Three? Funny - only Venables gets close and 'e was well dodgy 'nall.
    And today appointed a proven foreign choker, a loser who lost it in epic style in front of the world. A boy, posessing no discernable personality bar gravel in his soul, throat and footballing brain, a loser and proven one at that. Fabulous. How do you do it? Year after year? We'd kill for Bale - why doesn't he come over here to a proper club. Oh - and bad luck about the CL place, friends. A-hahahahah, etc.

    1. It's the 'Tottenham way'. With Harry gone Villas-Boas is a high risk appointment for Daniel Levy and the club. It will be interesting times at Spurs. Will it be another Christian Gross type appointment or have we found our next Bill Nicholson to take us to bigger and better things?