Sunday, September 24, 2006

Spurs in History - 24th September

24th September, 1983

Watford 2 Spurs 3 (1st Division)

This game was about Archibald and Hoddle. In the second game of the season against Coventry Steve Archibald had angered manager Keith Burkinshaw by coming off the pitch near the end, claiming he was injured and not wanting to risk further injury. Spurs had already used their subs and finished the game with ten men. Burkinshaw immediately dropped Archibald but he returned as substitute for this game.

Hoddle turned the game for Spurs with a great goal that everyone remembers. Spurs were a goal down when he received the ball moving away from the goal - he cleverly turned the defender, moved round him and coolly chipped the ball over the goalkeeper into the far corner of the net – a goal that is frequently shown on television.

Now enter Steve Archibald as substitute to prove his point and score the second, Chris Hughton scored the third to earn Spurs the points, while Watford managed a late goal to reduce the arrears.


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