Saturday, March 03, 2007

Spurs in History - 3rd March

3rd March, 1973
Spurs 1 Norwich City 0 LEAGUE CUP FINAL at Wembley.

Ralph Coates scored the goal which took the League Cup to White Hart Lane for the second time in three seasons. He had been substitute on the day but an injury after twenty five minutes to the unlucky John Pratt gave Coates his chance.

Norwich defended stoutly throughout the game but the breakthrough came after 72 minutes. Spurs then became more dominant in a game that was memorable only to Coates and Spurs fans.

Team: Jennings; Kinnear, Knowles; Pratt (Coates), England, Beal; Gilzean, Perryman, Chivers, Peters, Pearce.


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