Monday, May 28, 2007

Spurs in History - 28th May

28th May, 1952

Saskatchewan F.A. 1 Spurs 18 (eighteen!) (Friendly)

The second game of the North American tour threw up this record score. Conflicting details of the scorers and half-time score exist but Spurs official handbook for 1952-53 states that as Spurs were 14-0 ahead at half-time, the teams exchanged goalkeepers and Ted Ditchburn’s display ensured that Spurs only scored four in the second half.

In other records, Sid McClellan is credited with scoring nine goals, Les Bennett (3), Len Duquemin (2), Dennis Uphill (2) and Chris Adams (2), although these don’t match the statistics and account given in the Handbook.


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