Thursday, June 14, 2007

Spurs in History - 14th June

14th June, 1993

Alan Sugar/Terry Venables Court Case.

From the time when their acrimonious fall-out became public knowledge a month earlier with Venables being sacked as Chief Executive, the media gave extensive coverage to the never-ending supply of claim and counter-claim that surfaced on behalf of the two sides.

Venables had been immediately re-instated on a temporary injunction but following a three day hearing in the High Court, he lost his case and was sacked from the club.

14th June, 1994

Punishment for Illegal Payments to Players

Exactly twelve months later, an F.A.Commission into the charge of making loans to players between 1985 and 1989 found the club guilty and severely punished them - a £600,000 fine, 12 points deducted at the end of the following season and expelled from the F.A.Cup.

These were the severest punishments ever handed out and was regarded as relegation by a slow painful process. Fans were devastated but Alan Sugar immediately announced an appeal.


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