Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spurs Record in FA Cup Semi-Finals

Spurs have reached the semi-finals stage of the FA Cup on eighteen previous occasions.  They have successfully reached the Final on nine occasions but in their last six semi-finals they have been unsuccessful.  

 Tottenham's last successful FA Cup team in 1991
For the Record:
Tottenham's FA Cup Semi-Final Win and Loss Account: 

* 1901 West Bromwich Albion (Villa Park) Won 4-0 Brown (4)
* 1921 Preston North End (Hillsborough) Won 2-1 Bliss (2)

 1922 Preston North End (Hillsborough) Lost 1-2 Seed
1948 Blackpool (Villa Park) Lost 1-3 (aet) Duquemin
1953 Blackpool (Villa Park) Lost 1-2 Duquemin
1956 Manchester City (Villa Park) Lost 0-1 
* 1961 Burnley (Villa Park) Won 3-0 Smith R (2), Jones
* 1962 Manchester United (Hillsborough) Won 3-1 Greaves, Medwin, Jones 

* 1967 Nottingham Forest (Hillsborough) Won 2-1 Greaves, Saul
* 1981 Wolverhampton Wanderers (Hillsborough) Draw 2-2 (aet) Archibald, Hoddle
Replay Wolverhampton Wanderers (Highbury) Won 3-0 Crooks (2), Villa

* 1982 Leicester City (Villa Park) Won 2-0 Crooks, Opp. o.g.
* 1987 Watford (Villa Park) won 4-1 Hodge (2), Allen P, Allen C 

* 1991 Arsenal (Wembley) Won 3-1 Gascoigne, Lineker (2) 
1993 Arsenal (Wembley) Lost 0-1
1995 Everton (Elland Road) Lost 1-4 Klinsmann (p)
1999 Newcastle United (Old Trafford) Lost 0-2 (aet)
 2001 Arsenal (Old Trafford) Lost 1-2 Doherty
2010 Portsmouth (Wembley) Lost 0-2 (aet)
2012 Chelsea (Wembley) Lost 1 - 5 Bale

Spurs last successful FA Cup semi-final was victory over Arsenal in 1991 with Paul Gascoigne's never to be forgotten goal which set Spurs on the road to success.  That was their seventh consecutive FA Cup semi-final success dating back to the 'Double' team of 1961, although on one occasion in 1981 it required a replay against Wolverhampton Wanderers at Highbury to secure their passage to the Final.

From 1921 to 1961 Spurs reached the semi-final stage on four occasions but lost each time, including three failures between 1948 and 1956 when they lost at Villa Park.  At the time the club, players and supporters were convinced they were jinxed at that ground and it took the 'Double' winning team to break that myth. 

Controversy has not been far away when Spurs have gone out at the semi-final stage, starting back with the 1922 defeat and most definitely in the most recent loss to Chelsea. 


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