Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Spurs in History - 1st November

1st November, 1893

Spurs against Authority

The Ernie Payne Affair

Even in the earliest days Spurs found themselves facing the wrath and judgement of the football authorities. They had been reported by Fulham for poaching a player and for alleged infringements of the amateur laws. They were found not guilty of poaching by the London F.A. because while Payne was on the Fulham books he had not played for some time. However, having given Payne ten shillings (50p) to buy a pair of boots when his went missing, Spurs were found guilty of a breach of the rules as it was regarded as an unfair inducement to the player to play for the club.

For this misconduct Spurs were suspended for two weeks and Payne for one week. Spurs appealed but lost. The club had been considering the possibility of turning professional but this incident was probably the catalyst for them to make that decision in 1895.

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