Thursday, November 02, 2006

Spurs in History - 2nd November

2nd November, 1971

Spurs 1 FC Nantes 0 UEFA Cup 2nd Round (2nd Leg)

Spurs had achieved a scoreless draw in the first leg, a game which Hunter Davies covers in great detail in his book ‘The Glory Game’.

In this return game Spurs dominated and created many chances especially in the first half and should have had the game won by half-time. However, being unable to convert the chances created, the game remained on a knife edge.

The winning goal was scored early in the first half by their Captain, Martin Peters but Spurs were unable to add to it. At one point after confusion over an injury and a substitution, Nantes had twelve players on the pitch.

Jennings, Evans, Knowles, Pratt, England, Beal, Neighbour, Perryman, Chivers, Peters, Gilzean (Pearce)

2nd November, 1983

Feyenoord 0 Spurs 2 UEFA Cup 2nd Round (2nd Leg)

Spurs were 4-2 ahead from the first leg but the two second half goals that Feyenoord had scored at White Hart Lane had encouraged them that all was not lost.

However, Spurs gave a masterly performance and a goal from Chris Hughton after twenty five minutes silenced the home support and a second goal from Tony Galvin, five minutes from the end gave Spurs a very convincing and deserved 6-2 aggregate win.

Team: Clemence, Hughton, Thomas, Roberts, Stevens, Perryman, Mabbutt, Archibald, Falco (Brazil), Hoddle, Galvin.


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