Sunday, January 14, 2007

On This Day - 14th Janaury, 2007

Spurs Discover Another Way to Lose!!!

Spurs 2 Newcastle United 3 (Premiership)

Frustration, sheer frustration - that's the only way to describe my feelings following this afternoon's defeat at home to Newcastle.

Throughout the game - there was constant irritation - the stream for the game on the internet was constantly buffering, a few minutes or less and it was gone - it even contrived to ensure I missed Defoe's opening goal, created by Malbranque.

Then there was the commentators - going on and on endlessly about the long injury list that Newcastle had and the young team they had to put out - it was painful to listen to.

Then low and behold Spurs having dominated the first fifteen minutes until they scored, managed to concede a goal from a free kick two minutes later - the first time they had got near the Spurs goal. More frustration - another game without keeping a clean sheet.

There may have been frustration among the players at half-time but it was nothing compared to the way I was feeling. The second half improved and after some initial Newcastle pressure Spurs came to life and took the lead with a goal from Berbatov. Great - that helped my Fantasy football team.

For the next period Spurs controlled the game and the pressure mounted on Shay Given's goal but Spurs couldn't score. Then the whole day fell apart - two minutes and two goals - not for Spurs but Newcastle were ahead and no matter how much Spurs huffed and puffed the three points were on their way back to Tyneside.

I hate Sunday matches - I spend all weekend waiting for it and then when they lose my weekend is ruined and I'm still annoyed the next day when I go back to work - at least if they lose on Saturday I've got over it by Sunday.

And so Spurs have added another way to lose to their already lengthy list:

- dominate the game, take the lead twice and lose three goals on the counter attack.

This joins this season's favourite away ploy:

- try to contain for half an hour, then concede and give up, losing by three
(@ Liverpool & Arsenal)

- get caught cold and concede three early goals rendering the rest of the game meaningless (@ Newcastle past two seasons)

Last season's favourite was:

- concede an injury time goal

A previous favourite of Glenn Hoddle was:

- go three up by half-time only to lose 5-3 (v Manbchester United)

But then David Pleat had to better that:

- go three up by half-time but lose to ten-man Manchester City (FA Cup)

Under Martin Jol such results seemed to be a thing of the past but this year there has been a decline to the bad old ways of previous regimes - maybe we have got our Tottenham back!

I wonder what excitement next Wednesday holds for the faithful who make the trek to see the Cup replay at White Hart Lane against Cardiff City.


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