Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tottenham Continue to Talk Tough Over Modric

Luka Modric is NOT for Sale!

Luka Modric - Transfer Struggle
The Luka Modric saga has dragged on all summer since he made it known in a newspaper interview just before the end of the season that he might be open to a transfer for the advancement of his career by playing Champions League football.  It wasn't a direct, forceful comment about wanting to leave Tottenham but it had the desired effect among interested clubs.  From the outset Tottenham have made it clear that the player is NOT for sale but that has not put off either the player, his agent or interested clubs, particularly Chelsea. 
However, Tottenham have previous in this field so this has probably encouraged continuing interest in Modric.  Daniel Levy, the club Chairman, issued a very strong statement of his intent to keep Modric at the club but he has also done this before with Michael Carrick and Dimitar Berbatov who eventually left the club and joined Manchester United when an acceptable offer was made.  Many thought he was employing the same tactic to increase the transfer fee and would then succomb when it became obvious that the player was becoming a distraction at the club.  However, this year knowing that Modric signed a six year contract with the club last summer he as rejected increasing offers from Chelsea and maintained his stance that he will not sell the player. 

So with the new season two weeks old there is an increasing impasse - Modric has not played in either of the club's competitive matches - he was either injured with a slight strain or in the words of Harry Redknapp, 'His head wasn't in it.'

Tottenham play Hearts in the Europa League but he is unlikely to play in that as they have a five goal lead and it would cup-tie him for other Europen competitions so they are looking to introduce him to the team for the vital game on Sunday against Manchester City.  Spurs can't afford another heavy defeat on top of their loss at Old Trafford so they are increasing the pressure on Modric by taking a tough stance on his availability for international duty with Croatia next week.

They are quite correctly taking the view that if Modric isn't fit enough to play against City then he certainly won't be able to play for his country in the European Championship qualifying games.

With Spurs increasing injury problems in midfield it is vital that they have every available player on the field.  It is only ten days ago that Redknapp when commenting on the injuries to Wilson Palacios, Sandro, Tom Huddlestone  and Jermaine Jenas - he was contemplating devising a system with only one midfield player as Luka Modric was the only one who was fit at the time.  Now that the season has started Modric has developed a convenient 'injury'.

Tottenham have taken a firm stance on this throughout and with a week to go to the close of the 'Transfer Window' they are hoping to sign a number of new players but they are also hoping to retain the services of their most skilful midfield player, Luka Modric.  Most fans will support the club in this matter, fearing that if the player goes the club will once again be regarded as a selling club or a 'feeder' club for the 'top 4' teams.  To sell the player at this late time would do a dis-service to Harry Redknapp because there would be no time to replace a quality player like Modric.  Such a move is unthinkable and Danile Levy would lose ace on this matter and any credibility that he had and his future comments  would never be taken seriously.

An interesting few days lie ahead to see who holds firm the Chairman or the player.



  1. If Spurs don't intend to let Modric go, him being cup-tied won't matter one way or the other.

  2. The player wouldn't want to play to avoid being cup-tied and the club would be reluctant to have him cup-tied in case they eventually have to sell him and that would reduce the fee received from other clubs. Although, playing in Europa League game doesn't actually prevent him playing in the Champions League.