Saturday, June 16, 2012

Harry Redknapp is the 24th Manager Since ............

that day in 1984 when Chairman, Irving Scholar thought he had reached agreement with Alex Ferguson, the manager of Aberdeen, to take over at White Hart Lane.

The management merry-go-round continues at White Hart Lane.  After three and a half years (1327 days and 144 Premier League games), Harry Redknapp has been moved on and the search begins to find someone who will be able to take Spurs to the 'next level'.

Keith Burkinshaw 1984 UEFA Cup
In 1984, Keith Burkinshaw announced that he would be leaving Tottenham at the end of the season.  He went on to see Spurs win the UEFA Cup Final against Anderlecht in his final match in charge but the Chairman at the time had the task of finding a suitable replacement.

Irving Scholar writes in his book, 'Behind Closed Doors' (1992),
"So who could replace Keith? I had been talking to Alex Ferguson, then managing Aberdeen.  These conversations had reached a point of agreeing personal terms, and we shook hands on a deal.  However, he had second thoughts about the matter and decided not to accept my offer.
Ferguson would have been a good choice.  He had managed to break the Glasgow monopoly of Rangers and Celtic and had considerable European experience, having won the Cup Winners' Cup by beating Real Madrid in the Final a short time previously.  The way his teams played was also very important: whilst they were winning, they were also entertaining - a vital prerequisite for any Spurs side.  He was very intense and totally dedicated, something I found very appealing.  He also had a reputation for being a strict disciplinarian; it was a good combination for any manager.  Unfortunately, for Spurs, he had a father-son relationship with the Aberdeen Chairman, and I think, on reflection, he felt he would be letting him down if he left."
In 1986, Ferguson went to Manchester United and we know the rest.  It's interesting to read Scholar's criteria for a Tottenham manager - 'a winning side, playing entertaining football', 'considerable European experience' and 'intense and totally dedicated'.

Since 1984 when Scholar had that appointment to make, Spurs have had the following personnel in control of team affairs, although some were only in a caretaking capacity:

  Keith Burkinshaw (1984 UEFA Cup)
1984 Peter Shreeves
1986 David Pleat (1987 FA Cup Finalists)
1987 Trevor Hartley (Caretaker)
1987 Ossie Ardiles, Ray Clemence, Doug Livermore (Caretaker)
1987 Terry Venables (1991 FA Cup)
1991 Peter Shreeve
 1992 Doug Livermore and Ray Clemence (Terry Venables)
1993 Ossie Ardiles
1994 Steve Perryman (Caretaker)
1994 Gerry Francis
1997 Chris Hughton (Caretaker)
1997 Christian Gross
1998 David Pleat (Caretaker)
1998 George Graham (1999 Worthington Cup)
2001 David Pleat (Caretaker)
2001 Glenn Hoddle (2003 Worthington Cup Finalists)
2003 David Pleat (Caretaker)
2004 Jacques Santini
2004 Martin Jol
2007 Clive Allen, Alex Inglethorpe (Caretaker)
2007 Juande Ramos (2008 Carling Cup)
2008 Clive Allen, Alex Inglethorpe (Caretaker)
2008 Harry Redknapp (2009 Carling Cup Finalists)

Harry Redknapp is the 24th manager or management team, permanent or temporary, to have taken control of Spurs since that day in 1984 when Irving Scholar thought he had reached agreement with Alex Ferguson.  

If only Scholar's arrangement had been fulfilled twenty eight years ago, the history of Tottenham Hotspur might be somewhat different or perhaps Daniel Levy should consult Scholar to get his views on the current candidates or better still, does Scholar know a modern day 'Sir Alex Ferguson'.



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