Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Spurs in History - 11th October

11th October, 1958
Spurs 10 Everton 4
Scorers: Smith(4), Stokes(2), Ryden, Medwin, Harmer, Robb.

Bill Nicholson - his first day and game as manager of Tottenham Hotspur
Bill Nicholson was announced as Spurs new manager before the game and the first match of his managerial career was an amazing introduction to League football.

With only three victories and nine points in the opening eleven games, Spurs season was in danger of becoming a struggle against relegation.  They were only one place off the bottom of the League when Nicholson took charge and his first decision was to restore Tommy Harmer to the team.  He helped to inspire Spurs to an incredible victory. 

Spurs were 6-1 ahead at half-time and the goal scorers were Bobby Smith(4), Alf Stokes(2), Johnny Ryden, Terry Medwin, Tommy Harmer and George Robb.

No-one realised that this was only an introduction to the excitement and success that Nicholson was to bring to the club over the next sixteen years.

Team: Hollowbread; Baker, Hopkins; Blanchflower, Ryden, Iley; Medwin, Harmer, Smith, Stokes, Robb


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