Friday, December 23, 2011

Tottenham Hotspur Christmas Mastermind Quiz

A few years ago a contestant on the BBC quiz, 'Mastermind', selected Tottenham Hotspur as their specialist subject.  Here are the questions she was asked with an additional one included at the end to make the number up to twenty.

The links will give you the answer or a clue to the answer from information in Tottenham Spurs in History Blog.

Enjoy testing your knowledge on the "Mighty Spurs." 


Tottenham Spurs in History Christmas Mastermind Quiz

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1. Which former captain of Tottenham Hotspur said “The game is about glory, about going out and beating the other lot, not waiting for them to die of boredom”?


2. Which team did Tottenham play for the first time on the 19th of November 1887 but the match was abandoned 15 minutes from time because of bad light?


3. Who scored the penalty that beat QPR in the 1982 FA Cup final replay?

4. From which brewery did the club lease the land for their new ground at White Hart Lane in 1899?
(Answer after the last question)

5. Who scored his first goal for Tottenham in November 2006 during their first League victory over Chelsea for 16 years?


6. At which ground did they win the 1901 FA Cup Final replay against Sheffield United to become the only team outside the Football League to win the Cup?

7. What name was given to the style of play that was introduced by Arthur Rowe and helped the club win their first league championship in 1950-51?


8.  Which striker became the club’s first £1 million signing when he was bought from Manchester City in 1988?

9. Tottenham were playing in which competition when their goalkeeper Pat Jennings scored from a clearance from his own penalty area when the bounced over Alex Stepney’s head?


10.What was the name of the property developer who became chairman in 1983 and floated the club on the stock market?


 11. Which song about a Tottenham defender reached number 14 in the charts when it was released to coincide with the 1973 League Cup Final?  Answer
12. In 1994 which one of their former captains served as caretaker manager after the departure of Ossie Ardiles and before the arrival of Gerry Francis?

13. By what score did Spurs defeat Athletico Madrid in the 1963 European Cup Winners' Cup Final to become the first English team to win a European trophy?

14. Gary Mabbutt, who captained the team to victory in the 1991 FA Cup Final, suffered from which medical condition during his playing career?

15. During the 1960-61 season Tottenham set the record for the most league goals by any side in the top division since the war. How many did they score?

16. Who saved two penalties to win the 1984 UEFA Cup Final?  Answer 

17. Which inside forward won the FA Cup as a player with Tottenham in 1921, then later manager with Charlton Athletic?

18. Since 1950 what is the only season the club has spent outside the top division of English football?

19. Who scored 36 goals for Tottenham in the 1930-31 season to set a record that was not beaten until Jimmy Greaves scored one more in the 1962-63 season?  Answer

20. Which defender who played in 1971 League Cup Final made his debut for Spurs in a pre-season friendly against Glasgow Rangers and scored twice?  Answer

Answer to Q.4: Charrington's Brewery, owners of the land and the White Hart pub on the High Road.

Now you're ready for Mastermind - specialist subject THFC! 



  1. it was my round - I was teh contestant! Susan M, Sworn

    1. You did very well, Susan. Thanks for letting me know. This quiz has been well received when I've posted it on this blog and another Spurs blogs that I wrote for. Best wishes.