Monday, July 30, 2007

Spurs in History - 29th July

29th July, 1994

Spurs - A Transfer Coup.

A transfer coup to match the Argentine success of 1978, Chairman, Alan Sugar completed the signing of German World Cup star, Jurgen Klinsmann.

Sugar was determined to lift morale at the club following the unjust F.A. punishment and this signing had the desired effect. It brought Spurs to the forefront of the football and news media and there was fantastic demand for tickets for Spurs games, home and away.

Klinsmann joined Anderton, Sheringham, Barmby and Dumitrescu to form manager, Ossie Ardiles' famous five attacking formation. However, while exciting going forward the team lacked co-ordination in defence and Ardiles' stay was short lived.

It was the arrival of Gerry Francis in November which brought some structure to the team and Klinsmann was able to be seen at his best in what proved to be an exciting team to watch.

Unfortunately, his stay was for only one season. With Spurs unable to offer European football, Klinsmann returned to Germany with Bayern Munich.


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