Wednesday, March 29, 2006

29th March - Spurs in History

29th March, 1986

This is the last occasion that Spurs played on this day.

Spurs 1 Arsenal 0

Gary Stevens scored the only goal. It was the usual bruising, hectic, mile-a-minute derby, in which Hoddle inspired Spurs.

It was during Spurs' best spell of the game that Stevens scored, after thirty four minutes. Hoddle put in a cross which Galvin turned back into the middle and the Arsenal goalkeeper, Lukic, badly mis-punched it. Stevens drove the ball home through many defenders on the line.

The away game at Highbury on New Year's Day was scoreless.

Also on this Day, 29th March, Spurs are undefeated since 1930.

Past results:

1930 v Bristol City (a) (2nd Div.) Lost 0-1

1937 v Bury (h) (2nd Div.) Won 2-0 Duncan, Miller

1941 v Cardiff City (a) Football Lge War Cup (3rd R. 2nd Leg) Won 3-2 Gibbons, Broadis, Ludford

1947 v Plymouth Argyll (a) (2nd Div.) Won 4-3 Bennett(2), Foreman(2)

1948 v Millwall (h) (2nd Div.) Won 3-2 Jordan(p), Duquemin, Jones

1958 v Aston Villa (h) (1st Div.) Won 6-2 Medwin(2), Smith(4)

1969 v Burnley (a) (1st Div.) Draw 2-2 Johnson, Pearce

1975 v QPR (a) (1st Div.) Won 1-0 Duncan

1980 v Liverpool (h) (1st Div.) Won 2-0 Pratt, Hoddle(p)

1982 v Arsenal (h) (1st Div.) Draw 2-2 Archibald, Hughton ** (5 minutes from time, Chris Hughton and the Arsenal goalscorer, Sunderland, were both sent off - the first double sending off in a North London derby)**

1986 v Arsenal (h) (1st Div.) Won 1-0 Stevens


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