Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Sky Television have again selected two of Spurs games for televising live as the end of season approaches.

With the race for the Premiership all but over, unless Chelsea have an unexpected but spectacular fall from grace. the televised matches continue to concentrate on the race for the European places, expecially the final Champions League place.

With Spurs holding fourth spot since December, the pursuing clubs are eager to take any advantage of any slip or difficulty Tottenham may encounter. For Arsenal, a season with Champions league football would be unbearable espoecially with their new ground due to open next season and some of their 'stsr' players considering their future at the club. Bolton, Blackburn and Wigan are also strong contenders in these closing weeks while Everton have made steady progress in the last few weeks. With West Ham concentrating on the FA Cup, their last two defeats have left them a little way behind the other clubs.

In the final eight games of this season Spurs have to face each o the mentiioned clubs, except Blackburn who they overcame in aclose game at White Hart Lane earlier this month.

In their final selection of games for this season, SKY have selected both the game with Arsenal at Highbury and the following week's game at White Hart Lane to be broadcast live. The game against their North London will be played on Saturday, 22nd April with an earlier kick off, 12.15am. This will be Spurs last visit to Highbury.

The Bolton game the following weekend has been re-arranged for Sunday, 30th April at 4.00pm. Very inconvenient for someone who had booked flights for the Saturday and does not attend Sunday matches. For the second successive season, the television has spoiled my opportunity to see Spurs in the final games of the season. Last year having made arrangements for the game with Blackburn, they were altered to the Aston Villa game which was then re-scheduled as well.

Out of pocket, once again. When will I learn? And most annoying of all I had waited and only booked the flights last night as all rumours had suggested that the Bolton game would have an early kick-off on the original Saturday.


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