Friday, March 17, 2006

'E' Team for Tottenham-Spur

The task is to produce a team of current or former Spurs players whose surnames begin with a particular letter. This team for 'E' may include some lesser known players but all have appeared for Spurs in League or Cup games.
[Source Ref: The Spurs Alphabet by Bob Goodwin]

'E' Team
GK: John Eadon - 1914-15 (5 League appearances in relegation season before 1st World War)

FB: Henry Erentz - member of successful 1901 FA Cup winning team

FB: Justin Edinburgh - member of 1991 FA Cup and 1999 League Cup winning teams - 190 app.

Mike England
CD: Mike England - member of successful teams in 1967 and early 1970s.

CD: Ray Evans - 133 appearances in early 1970s - member of losing EUFA Cup team in 1974

M: Willie Evans - winger in 1930s (178 app/78 goals) Welsh International

M: Tom Evans - 1930s (94 app./4 goals)

M: James Elliott - 1911 - 1920 career - affected by 1st World War (13 app./4 goals)

M: Bill Edrich - played for Spurs in mid-1930s, also very successful cricketer

F: Albert Elkes - played in 1920s (190 app./50 goals)

F: Matthew Etherington - played in 2000 - 2003 Transferred to West Ham

Henry Erentz, Mike England and Justin Edinburgh were all members of successful Spurs teams which won the FA Cup.  Erentz's team were members of the Southern League when they won the Cup in 1901, England won it in 1967 and Edinburgh's success came in the 1991 Final. 


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