Sunday, April 23, 2006

23rd April - Spurs in History

23rd April, 1921

Spurs 1 Wolverhampton Wanderers 0 FA Cup Final at Stamford Bridge

The year ends in ‘1’ and Spurs have reached their second F.A. Cup Final against 2nd Division, Wolves, twenty years after first winning the trophy as a non-League side.

Just before kick off a torrential thunderstorm turned the pitch into a quagmire making it very difficult for both teams to play any football, with the ball constantly sticking in the mud. One piece of inspiration from 20 year old winger, Jimmy Dimmock, after 55 minutes was enough to won the trophy for Spurs. Picking up the ball on the left wing he made progress then cut in, ignoring other team members, he escaped the defenders and his shot from fifteen yards skidded off the greasy surface, under the body of the Wolves goalkeeper.

Team: Hunter; Clay, McDonald; Smith, Walters, Grimsdell (Captain); Banks, Seed, Cantrell, Bliss, Dimmock.

23rd April, 1960

Wolverhampton Wanderers 1 Spurs 3 (1st Division)

This is the game that is that set Spurs up for the 'Double' in twelve months time - the team came to realise what their capabilities were.

At Easter Spurs had been looking to win the title but two home defeats had set them back and Wolves took over at the top of the table. This was the penultimate game of the season and Spurs, inspired by Dave Mackay put in one f their best performances of the season. Bobby Smith put them ahead within two minutes and although Wolves equalised, goals from Mackay and Cliff Jones ensured Spurs victory.

This was a shock to Wolves and although they won their final game, they were pipped to the title by Burnley, the first time they headed the League all season. Wolves went on to win the FA Cup but th edefeat by Spurs denied them the 'double', a feat Spurs were to achieve so spectacularly the following year.

23rd April, 1994

Spurs 3 Southampton 0

the last game and the last win on this date came through goals from Steve Sedgley, Vinny Samways and Darren Anderton. With Ossie Ardiles as manager, it was Spurs' first win in four games and helped secure their presence in the Premiership for the next season although it was not certain for another couple of weeks.


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