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2nd April - Spurs in History

2nd April, 1952
Spurs 1 Huddersfield 0
Eddie Baily playing for Spurs
This game sits alongside the Mendes 'no goal' game at Old Trafford last season for controversy. However, on this occasion Spurs benefitted from the referee's controversial and incorrect decision.

The controversy surrounded the only goal scored by Len Duquemin and added to Huddersfield’s problems as they tried to avoid relegation. With only a minute remaining, the lowest attendance of the season saw an amazing goal awarded to Spurs.

From a corner taken by Eddie Baily, the ball hit the referee and rebounded to Baily who immediately centred for Duquemin to head the winning goal. The goal should have been disallowed because Baily had played the ball twice without another player touching it. The referee and linesman consulted but the goal was given.

After the game Huddersfield appealed to the Football League but the result had to stand and they were relegated at the end of the season. They weren't relegated because of the point they didn't get at White Hart Lane but the decision going against them whenb they were battling against relegation, needing every point, must have affected their morale and confidence for the final few games.
Perhaps, the Mendes 'no goal' was pay back time for Spurs. They do say that decisions even themselves out - eventually!

2nd April, 2005
Birmingham City 1 Spurs 1
A goal from substitute Stephen Kelly who had replaced Noe Paramot who had been seriously injured early on, gave Spurs a second half lead but within minutes City equalised.
Spurs were hoping to claim a European place through their League position but this game went some way to denting those prospects. Paramot was out for the rest of the season and only regained fitness in November.

2nd April, 1920
Spurs 4 Wolves 2 (2nd Division)
Spurs were heading for promotion with a record number of points (70). [2 points for a win]
Spurs had been rightly aggrieved that they had been left behind unjustly in the 2nd Division when the 1st Division had been increased to twenty two clubs at the end of the 1st World War. Arsenal had acquired the place that should have gone to Tottenham and Spurs determined to put things right by winning promotion at the first attempt. This they did, in style, winning 32 of the 42 games and suffering only 4 defeats.
Wolves were struggling near the foot of the table and in a battle to avoid relegation, which they achieved with three points to spare.
Spurs win came trrough a hat-trick from Bert Bliss and a goal from centre forward Jimmy Cantrell.

2nd April, 1994
Norwich 1 Spurs 2
Teddy Sheringham scored on his birthday and a Norwich defender joined in to ensure double celebrations for Spurs with an own goal to give Spurs three points.
2nd April, 1966
Nottingham Forest 3 Spurs 2 (1st Division)
Jimmy Robertson and Eddie Clayton scored for Spurs but on the same day 40 years ago, a player who would play for both teams was born in London.
Teddy Sheringham started out with Millwall, signed for Forest in 1991 and was transferred to Spurs a year later for £2.1 million pounds. In his two spells at Tottenham he scored 124 goals in 277 appearances. His first departure took him to Manchester United in 1997. He returned in 2001 for three seasons and his second departure took him to Portsmouth and then to West Ham United.


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